Peace Silk

The Tussar Silk, also known as ‘Peace Silk’ or ‘non violent’ silk is produced in a completely natural environment . The silkworms are allowed to complete their life cycle and leave the cocoons meaning that the yarns are left in many pieces instead of one continuous thread. They are then spun together which is what gives this fabric its unique texture and multi-tonal appearance

The designer is Neesha Amrish and I am immensely proud to have the opportunity to showcase her unique and thrilling designs. Neesha’s work can also be found at The V&A museum in London.

There may be certain imperfections in these 100% organic handblock printed naturally dyed shawls, but they are simply unique works of art that can be worn as a shawl, draped, or scrunched as a chunky scarf.

I simply adore her work and I hope you do too.