I simply love trading face to face, it’s what I do best , encouraging customers to touch, feel, and try on, to wrap themselves in these glorious textiles…Trading takes me from country estates, polo matches, charity events, castles and some of London’s most friendliest markets such as Duckpond Markets in Richmond and Chiswick

Here are my events in September 

Friday 9th  Godalming Friday Market

Saturday 10th Duckpond Richmond Market, Heron Square Richmond Riverside 

Sunday 11th St John’s Hill Festival 

Friday 16th  Godalming Friday Market 

Saturday 17th Bermondsey Festival 

Sunday 18th Duckpond Richmond Market, Heron Square Richmond Riverside

Tuesday and Wednesday 20th 21st Riding for The Disabled Newbury 

Friday 23rd Godalming Friday Market

Saturday 24th Surbiton Festival 

Sunday 25th  Duckpond Richmond Market, Heron Square, Richmond Riverside

and many many more to follow in the following months, please feel free to contact me or follow me on Instagram or you can email us directly for more details